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Conference Topics

  • CT1: Power Quality, Alternative Energy and Distributed Systems
    General power quality problems and measurements. Distribution networks. Distributed generation. Reliability and economics. Hybrid energy systems. Energy storages. Fuel cell. Renewable energy sources.
  • CT2: Power Electronics Controllers for Power Systems
    FACTS and HVDC. Grid interfaces. Filters and compensators. Custom power devices. UPS. Active power quality controllers. Voltage restorers. UPQC.
  • CT3: Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion
    Unconventional motors and generators. Motor drives. Variable and constant speed generators. Power electronics converters for drives and generators. Motion control. Modulation techniques. Energy saving and compatibility of electrical drives and generators.
  • CT4: EMI and ESI Problems
    General problems. EMC standardization. Measurements and computation-property of the power electronics circuits. EMC improvement with new materials and elements, systems construction and protection.
  • CT5: Special Power Electronic Systems and Applications
    Unconventional power electronics converters. Automotive vehicles. Aircraft. Ships. Military technology.
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